Advanced Seduction by Katie Sebastian

Two years ago, Christina graduated high school as a straight A student and headed off to college with a chemistry scholarship. All thanks to her favorite teacher, the sexy Mr. Roberts, who kept her company in her fantasies long after she moved away. But, like all unrequited love, it was something that could never happen, not in a thousand years.

Advanced Seduction

  • Story
  • 11,764
  • 45 minutes
  • Completed

Caught by the Landlord by d. dancer

Chase has always been a closeted cross-dresser with a shopping problem. He could never resist a pretty thong or dress. But when his addiction prevents him from paying his rent, he's put in a position of asking Yuri, his Russian landlord, for help. When he finds out that the landlord has a thing for pretty boys wearing dresses, he ends up asking on his knees.

Caught by the Landlord

  • Story
  • 8,846
  • 34 minutes
  • Completed

Derik's Luck by t’Sade

Through a series of unfortunate and unlikely events, a master thief ends up naked in a harem while hiding from the authorities. What follows is a story of submission, magic, and unlikely lust.

Derik's Luck

  • Story
  • 187,113
  • 11 hours
  • Completed

Designated Single by Katie Sebastian

At her best friend's wedding, Stacy was the odd woman out. The rest of her friends were all married and ready for a night of drinking and dancing. Unfortunately because of a former boyfriend's DUI, Stacy wasn't allowed to drink and had no one to commiserate with. At least until Nancy, her friend, suggests a hiding spot for Stacy while everyone toasted each other. What Stacy wasn't expecting was that Nancy would be sending someone else up after her.

Designated Single

  • Story
  • 3,989
  • 15 minutes
  • Completed

Eliza and the Raptor by t’Sade

The only crime Third Lieutenant Eliza committed was stealing a few precious minutes of her patrol to pleasure herself. On the FCM Quantor Generation Ship, where reproduction occurred in test tubes and an active libido was a crime, she was found guilty of treason. Her superior officer sentenced her to a life of hard labor in the mines with a threat of execution if she touched herself even once more.

Eliza and the Raptor

  • Story
  • 55,941
  • 3 hours
  • Completed

Exposed by the Landlord by d. dancer

Chase's second date continues after a brief trip to an adult store to pick up some toys. Yuri's next stop will take them to the strangest diner Chase had ever seen, a 50's style place playing death metal and Yuri's leering cousin, Sergei. Chase is left to wonder why Yuri wanted him to go there and why did the Russian landlord need to bring their new purchases into the building.

Exposed by the Landlord

  • Story
  • 10,398
  • 39 minutes
  • Completed

Getting Inside by d. dancer

Ever since he got to college and moved into the dorm rooms, Ty hasn't had a chance to enjoy a little quiet time. So when the teacher canceled class on a blustery cold day, Ty jumped at the opportunity to crawl into bed and get himself in hand. But, even that wasn't enough and he decided to try out his toy again and see if he could finally get it inside him. But, before he could, his roommate came back…

Getting Inside

  • Story
  • 8,728
  • 33 minutes
  • Completed

Gift Wrapped for Her Best Friend's Husband by Katie Sebastian

After struggling with the release of the company's new product, Angela longed for a long vacation where she didn't have to think about anything. No in-fighting among the various teams, no last-minute decisions that could cost millions, and definitely no more late hours at the office. If she was lucky, there would be someone to enjoy the vacation with but she didn't have time for romance with the constant attention needed at work.

Gift Wrapped for Her Best Friend's Husband

  • Story
  • 37,254
  • 2 hours
  • Completed

Humiliated by the Landlord by d. dancer

It had only been a night since Yuri, Chase's Russian landlord, has come to his door demanding the overdue rent. In a moment of weakness, Chase's secret cross-dressing had been revealed to the large man when he inspected the apartment. And then Chase learned that Yuri had a secret of his own, he liked pretty boys in dresses.

Humiliated by the Landlord

  • Story
  • 11,581
  • 44 minutes
  • Completed

The Mummy's Girl by t’Sade

A high-fantasy erotic tale of a man and a woman who are separated in death, one bobbing the waves of reincarnation and the other who has risen as a mummy.

The Mummy's Girl

  • Story
  • 106,580
  • 6 hours
  • Completed

New to the Pack by d. dancer

Days after Cholon was inducted into the North Chicago Pack, he still struggled with the humiliating name of Chica. He went from the most powerful werewolf he knew, the only werewolf he knew, to being the bottom of the pack and a mockery of the other gay shifters that called the pack his home.

New to the Pack

  • Story
  • 18,477
  • 1 hour
  • Completed

The New Trainer by d. dancer

After years of staring at reports, Marcus had let his body go. He was overweight but had no will to actually work out. He even had a membership to the gym downstairs, but long hours and fast food made it hard to stir up the energy. At least until one night, when he needed a break, he started watching a movie in front of the treadmills and one of the personal trainers caught him.

The New Trainer

  • Story
  • 8,580
  • 33 minutes
  • Completed

Pack Dominance by d. dancer

Raccor was the beta for the North Chicago Pack, a group of gay werewolves who prowled the night, partied, and fought with equal enthusiasm. And, as the beta, it was his job to answer the phone when the pack's weakest member frantically calls up saying he was being followed. The last thing Raccor expected was an intruder in the pack's den, a young werewolf trying to prove himself by stealing the submissive member for his own carnal needs. Defending the pack was Raccor's other duty and now he had a brash invader who needed to learn his position, on his knees in front of Raccor.

Pack Dominance

  • Story
  • 5,300
  • 20 minutes
  • Completed

Teased by the Landlord by d. dancer

Chase's second date started with an order to show up at his Russian landlord's door wearing a black dress and a thong. But, their previous dates left Chase exhausted that even a night of loving wasn't enough to keep him awake. But, will his landlord forgive him for standing him up, or is a pair of toys going to be his only company for a long time?

Teased by the Landlord

  • Story
  • 12,168
  • 46 minutes
  • Completed

Under the Desk by d. dancer

Chris had been a dutiful worker on a toy factory for three years. He punched his clock, did his work, and went home alone. Forced to work in silence, his thoughts grew toward curiosity of his blossoming sexuality and the realization that he found men attractive, not women. Videos helped him find his submissive side, but in a small rural town, he couldn't do anything besides watch videos and dream.

Under the Desk

  • Story
  • 10,600
  • 40 minutes
  • Completed


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