In addition to publishing authors, we have a small amount of ala cart services related to publishing. These are for authors and editors who want to offload the process of creating a book to someone else, without paying for it via a percentage of the work.


The basic price is $31 an hour measured in 6 minute intervals. The main reason is most of the things we do have been automated or streamlined to require very little effort.

Services Offered

  • eBook (EPUB, Mobi) formatting
  • Typesetting
  • Website maintenance

eBook Formatting

We've done a couple hundred eBook conversions at this point. This includes both magazine-styles books as well as novels, and poetry collections. When we format a book, the results are both an EPUB and Mobi (the two most popular formats). We'll also provide a DocBook 5 source XML, in case you need it. We don't need credits (it's nice though).

On average, a well-formatted Word document (novel or magazine) takes me about 45-60 minutes to convert and verify. Poetry takes considerably longer as does things that require a lot of spacing and lines.

Turnaround is roughly 12 hours, but can take up 48 depending on circumstances. We will give an estimated time of completion and you will get an email by that point if we are delayed.

The advantage of this is that we charge once for the eBook conversion and then we're done.


We love typesetting books for PDF and print. The average novel takes me about 2-3 hours to typeset once we have all the required components. We've worked with a number of print-on-demand (Lulu, CreateSpace, etc) and know most of their requirements for preparing a book.

The end result is a PDF in the sizes and formats you want along with a DocBook source of the converted file.

My process also involves DocBook 5, so getting a formatted eBook and typeset book takes less than that the two components individually.

Website Maintenance

Websites are still a complicated beasts. Many authors use Blogger or another cloud services for their site, while others want to have their own installation of WordPress, SMF, or some other application so they have more control. For erotic writers, this can be important since a completely controlled website won't be filtered by the NSFW filters.

  • Hosting Setup
  • Installation
  • Maintenance (including occasionally logging in to apply patches)
  • Backups and Restoration
  • Upgrades
  • Theme Design
  • Education

We also provide recommendations for software based on needs, design or graphical opinions, and what is available for low or limited costs.