A number of authors have made Curious Cabbit their home, at least in part, and we're proud to host their books. Below is a short biography of each one along with links to their website.

D. Dancer

D. Dancer is a closeted gay somewhere in the rural areas of Iowa. He enjoys writing about the stories he can't enjoy, most of cross-dressing, submission, and huge cocks. he can be found at

Katie Sebastian

Katie likes the hot little story where the sex is messy but fantastic, characters have a little bit of flaws to them, and everyone has a fun, sloppy good time. She writes from the female point of view, with a slight tendency of the submissive side of things. She can be found at


t‘Sade is researching every fetish and turn-on known to humanity. Since there billions of people on this earth, it's going to take a while. It is easier to make up the data than actual research, so t‘Sade is creating theoretical situations and calling them "stories." The results are at